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Dear Business owner,

I want you to focus your time on what you’re best at.

Running your business!

Don’t get stuck trying to figure out how to run Google Ads or build your own website over a month of Sunday’s…

Time is the most precious resource you’ve got – stop blowing it on doing eight peoples jobs.

Time is money, you have bigger fish to fry. I don’t want you to squander your opportunity to make your business a success.

Go make sales, solve problems, leave the geeky technical and branding stuff to the experts.

I’ve learned from the most successful business people that they spend their time running their business and making sales – not moonlighting as a marketer, designer or developer.

It always ends up in a pile of tears. The DIY business owner going it alone becomes inefficient, looses productivity, sleep, and in trying to save a buck spends three!

Trust is critical for you. My face is on this website because I stand by our services and my team. We’re accountable for the services we provide you.

Don’t wait any longer. Download our guide and discover the All In One marketing solutions that will deliver actual value and give you back your precious time. You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t put the cog in your business engine earlier!

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Luke Sullivan
COG Marketing Founder

Before Spending A Dollar – Read This! Knowledge is Power.

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What Small Business Owners Love

It’s our job to ensure our clients learn the how, why, when and where of brand, marketing and technology disciplines before they partner with COG Marketing and try to start and grow their business.

“What we’ve realised is that with a marketing partner like COG Marketing rely on them as a source of reliable information that assist us making tactical decisions dependant on the circumstance of the day. Small business is a cycle of ups and downs, and having a support partner that listens and also guides us is so important”


Complete Glass

“Reliability is everything. Choosing the most well known designer or selecting what is the most engaging Instagram ad doesn’t prove that that marketing supplier is worth a partnership. In small business you need trusted relationships for the long haul, and those who are reliable tend to be the best choice”


Marry Me Nicky

“We’re good at building houses, and COG Marketing are good at all that technical stuff we know nothing about. It seems IT is just like the trades, you need experts to be able to all work together to get the job done as a team. People and team work is everything in business”


SALT Building Projects


Digital Experts

Online solutions and technology is key to move fast with agility, speed and efficiency. Though not all software and online solutions are suitable or cost effective. With the right digital partner you’ll onboard the most appropriate software tools to start conservatively and be guided on investing as you move through business cycles in more sophisticated digital solutions. 

Proven Methods

There are many ways to take your brand, products and services to market. Choosing who to partner with can be difficult so aligning with the right partner to launch your business and nurture its early growth is key. Experience counts, and understanding how your agency partner will scale your business should come from proven methods and previous experience.

Trusted by our Government Organisations

The most difficult element for a small business owner starting out is understanding who to trust. Marketing agencies are great at selling and providing all the reasons why they’re the best option. COG Marketing has supported both the NSW State Government and the Australian Federal Government who have some of the most rigorous tendering processes.

What Are You Waiting For? It’s Your Time! Download Our Guide




First You’ll Download The Guide And Realise There Are Big Decisions To Be Made – A Time For Self Reflection

It’s like a mirror. Maybe it’s a slap in the face and you’ll finally understand that if you stick to what you’re good at – you then start winning!

Running a business requires a lot of effort and commitment, just make sure you’re placing this effort in the right places, and outsourcing what you are NOT good at.

We recommend you take some time to critically evaluate yourself and the challenges of running your business. See if you’re ready to outsource marketing and branding tasks by addressing the points in the guide.

Now is a good time to acknowledge those who simply open the business, and those who own and work in the business. If you are going to be running a business or owning it from a distance, you’ll can approach things a little differently. Though the critical element that is true for both is time – we’re all spending it.



Then You’ll Start Thinking, Perhaps Even Planning And Strategising

If your intentions are to work inside the engine of the business, knee deep in the day to day, then you’ll need to assess the key things in the guide. Choose your battles.

A trick for business owners is they often simply buy themselves a job, which is of course okay, though you need to manage the expectations outlined in the guide. You may be giving yourself way too many jobs. We know there will be peaks and valleys on the emotional roller coaster that is being a business owner – get your self in a position to enjoy the ride.



The People You Know Will Be How Successful You Are

Be honest, do you have the right skills for the business you are trying to run? It’s OK if you don’t, in the guide it’ll guide you on what you need to do.

You can still own a business that you don’t have the skills to work in, you just need to build in suppliers and skilled workers more diligently to the business model.



If You’ve Made It This Far, The Support You Build Around Your Business Will Determine Some Key Factors To Success

Plans are easy make, but sometimes hard to follow and often get mixed up at start up stage. Does selecting technology come before branding? Download the guide to understand how an All In One agency like COG Marketing can be integrated into the overall business plan.

Solid strategies are the foundation of successful forward planning, inside the guide it reveals why sometimes being nimble and flexible enough is also critical.

COG Marketing has worked for 20 years with Australian small business.

We’re responsible to relay our experience to the small business community to ensures we remain progressive and innovative as a nation.

Small Business Must Pursue Value

Using a single supplier for multiple services can lead to significant financial and time savings for small businesses. By leveraging volume discounts, reducing administrative costs, and streamlining vendor management, businesses can optimise their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line. Real-world data supports these benefits, highlighting the strategic advantage of supplier consolidation.

Cost Savings

  • Volume Discounts
  • Bundling Discounts
  • Reduced Procurement Costs
  • Administrative Efficiency

Administrative Efficiency

  • Lower Administrative Costs
  • Simplified Vendor Management
  • Reduced Contract Management Time

Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined Communication
  • Integrated Services
  • Reduced Downtime and Faster Issue Resolution

Time Savings

  • Reduced Vendor Coordination Time
  • Faster Negotiation and Contracting Processes
  • Decreased Time Spent on Invoice Processing and Customer Service

We’re Your All In One Marketing Supplier.
Your First Step Towards More Freedom.

Small business is a large part of Australia’s economic ecosystem, and its also a great melting pot of cultures and characters. Small Business can be a powerful force for good in the world and we encourage you to embrace new relationships with new people. We wish you goodwill in your heart and fortune in your steps.


What are you waiting for!


How do I create a business plan?

Creating a business plan involves several key steps: defining your business objectives, analysing your target market, outlining your marketing strategies, detailing your operational plan, and projecting your financial performance. To help you through each step, reach out to our team and we’ll send you a free comprehensive business plan guide. It will include detailed instructions, helpful tips, and templates to ensure you cover all essential elements of a successful business plan.

How does a All In One Marketing agency charge?

All-in-one marketing agencies typically offer a range of services, including but not limited to, digital marketing, content creation, social media management, SEO, PPC advertising, branding, and web development. The pricing structure for these services can vary widely depending on several factors.

Here are some common pricing models:

  • Retainer-Based Pricing:
    • Monthly Retainer: Clients pay a fixed monthly fee for a set of services. This is common for ongoing marketing efforts where the agency provides continuous support and management.
    • Annual Retainer: Similar to a monthly retainer but on an annual basis, often with some cost savings for the client.
  •  Project-Based Pricing:
    • Fixed Price per Project: The agency charges a set fee for completing a specific project, such as a website redesign, a marketing campaign, or a brand overhaul.
    • Milestone-Based Payment: Payments are made at specific stages or milestones of the project.
  • Hourly Rate: The agency charges by the hour for their services. This model is often used for consulting or when the scope of work is unclear and might change over time.
  • Performance-Based Pricing: The agency’s fees are tied to the performance of their campaigns. For example, they might take a percentage of the sales generated from their marketing efforts or get bonuses for meeting specific KPIs.
  • Packages: Agencies offer predefined packages that bundle various services together at a set price. These packages can range from basic to premium, with different levels of service and support.
  • A La Carte Pricing: Clients can pick and choose specific services they need, and the agency charges for each service individually.
  • Factors Influencing Pricing
    • Scope of Services: The range and complexity of services provided will affect the cost.
    • Industry: Certain industries might require more specialised knowledge and expertise, potentially impacting pricing.
    • Agency Reputation and Expertise: More established agencies with a proven track record might charge higher fees.
    • Client Size and Needs: Larger clients or those with more complex needs might face higher costs.
    • Geographical Location: Prices can vary based on the location of the agency and the client.
  • Example Pricing Breakdown
    • Small Business Marketing Package: $1,000 – $3,000 per month
    • Mid-Sized Business Marketing Package: $3,000 – $10,000 per month
    • Enterprise Marketing Package: $10,000+ per month
    • One-Time Projects: $5,000 – $50,000 depending on the scope
    • Hourly Rate: $100 – $300 per hour

These are general guidelines, and actual costs can vary significantly. It’s essential for you to discuss your specific needs with us to get a tailored quote.

How do I secure funding for my business?

Securing funding for your business can be achieved through various methods, such as applying for loans, seeking grants, attracting venture capital, finding angel investors, or using crowdfunding platforms. To help you explore and navigate these options, reach out to COG Marketing and we can get you in touch with those in our business network who can assist you with finance and funding. 

What is the best way to market my business?

The best way to market your business involves creating a strong brand, understanding your target audience, and utilising various marketing channels such as social media, content marketing, email campaigns, and search engine optimisation. To help you develop an effective marketing strategy, contact COG Marketing and request our free marketing guide. This guide provides detailed strategies, tips, and templates to help you reach your target customers and grow your business.


Seriously, just download guide and you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t go All In One sooner!